Advisor – Facilitator – Trainer

Political scientist with a background in organisational development and coaching working in international development cooperation. Committed development professional working with teams across the globe since 15+ years.

Working with people and institutions to instigate change and enhance their capacity to deliver is what I am passionate about.


  • Advisory services and Facilitation
  • Training & Training Material Development
  • Studies, Proposal and Project Development
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

In the areas of:

  • Migration
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Good Governance and local governance / decentralisation
  • Human rights and child rights
  • Gender mainstreaming, gender-based violence

the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, East and West Africa, Latin America, South and South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Balkan

German | English | Spanish | Czech
working level:


Advisory Services and Facilitation

Management support and advice. Strategic analysis and project development.
Preparation and facilitation of meetings, workshops and retreats.
Facilitator for the leadership tool GIZ Feedback to Managers.

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Training & Training Material Development

Design and delivery of training, training of trainers and training on project cycle management. Development of training material and training handbooks. Applying a learner-centred approach and interactive methodologies.

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Studies & Research

Design and development of research and studies on technical topics based on client’s needs. Applying mixed methods, including qualitative semi-structured interviews and surveys.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Support for monitoring and monitoring systems for projects.
Project evaluations applying qualitative and quantitative methods and following international evaluation criteria (OECD/DAC).

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What my Clients Say

‘Masterly of subject area, professional training skills, cheerfulness and enthusiasm all rolled into one made Marketa a gem for this training! I will register for Marketa’s class anytime, even if a repetition to a course already taken.’- ASPR-IPT Specialisation Course ’Conflict-sensitive Project Management’ participant, May 2016
‘The trainer is exemplary. She knows her material and delivers it (including participant involvement at all times) in an understandable, professional matter.’- ASPR-IPT Specialisation Course ’Conflict-sensitive Project Management’ participant, May 2016
‘Again, methods of this session was very well and professionally done. Working in groups was great and she guided us in making constructive and structured presentations. Have to say, Marketa is a great teacher and it was a pleasure to work with her.’ ‘She takes the time to explain and re-explain when there is need to do it.‘- ASPR-IPT Specialisation Course ’Conflict-sensitive Project Management’ participants, May 2016
‘Amazing trainer: structured, well organised delivery of subject, all necessary theoretical and practical information. Strong knowledge through the practice.’- ASPR-IPT Specialisation Course ’Conflict-sensitive Project Management’ participant, May 2016

My clients