Training-of-Trainers Curriculum on Standard Operating Procedures for Identification and Referral of Trafficked Persons in Lebanon

Training curricula developed in the framework of projects implemented by the the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD): Enhanced Identification and Protection of Trafficked Persons in Turkey (IPT) project and Training to Enhance Lebanese Anti-trafficking Effort (TELAE): Identification, Referral and Policy Responses.

Both curricula consist of a section on ‘how to train’ and training sessions. The IPT curriculum for Turkey focuses on what is trafficking in persons, the identification, referral and assistance of trafficked persons, while the TELAE curriculum for Lebanon focuses on standard operating procedures (SOPs) for identification and referral of trafficked persons. The sessions describe the methodology, timing and implementation to be applied. Supporting material, i.e. cases to be used, is provided in the Annexes.

  • Client ICMPD
  • Date 10/12/2013
  • Tags Training & Training Material Development
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